Delores VandenBoogaard

Bathroom Scrub Mitt

Item #: 308033
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Microfiber on one side and scrub mesh on the other combine to easily remove stubborn dirt and grime.

Microfiber on one side and scrub mesh on the other. This two-in-one mitt easily removes the most resistant dirt and grime. Sponge liner adds extra absorbency.

7 cm x 23 cm / 9.06" x 6.5"


Soap scum, mineral stains and grime can build up on your bathroom tub, tile and glass, leaving them unsightly and preventing your bathroom from looking its sparkling best. Using chemicals to get your bathroom “clean” is not only harmful to the environment, it can also impact your health and it’s hard on your budget.


Our heavy-duty Bathroom Scrub Mitt quickly removes stubborn dirt and grime on tiles, sinks, tubs, showers and more—without harsh chemicals that can find their way into waterways. You’ll have a sparkling clean bathroom you can feel good about, knowing that no harmful chemicals will impact the environment, your family’s health or your budget!